When it comes down to choosing the college you want to study at there will be things that are vital and others not so important. Not all considerations will be make or break but nothing should be ignored. Whilst one thing may be a must for one student, it may not matter at all to someone else.

The following may not be the most important factors, but these 15 things should be considered fully when you are choosing your college.

1. What do you think about the layout of the college? Is it easy to walk around or would it become irritating? This is important as you do not want to end up missing out on things because it is too much hassle getting to them.

2. Does the college have a club or organization that you would be interested in joining? Do not miss out on doing or being involved in something just because the college does not offer it.

3. When visiting the campus, did you see a number of students that you could feel attracted to? You may act as though you hadn’t thought of this but be honest with yourself.

4. Does the college support the town and vice versa? This actually translates to whether the college has a relationship with potential employers in the city, where you could have the opportunity to network and find internships and or jobs. The college that simply gives you a degree may not be enough.

5. Although there are a few states that are raising college budgets, studies show others are still facing cuts. Considering a college where a program could be cut whilst you are studying there probably means it is time to think again.

6. How does the college fare on a liberal to conservative scale, and does this matter to you?

7. College demographics, what are they? This doesn’t make a real difference, unless you are looking to attend a college where there is a certain demographic such as race, ethnicity etc that you are looking for.

8. Are you looking for a dorm life in college? Spending a year in a dorm is considered part of the whole college experience. However, if there are no dorms then another college may be more suitable. There are a number of colleges that will show you or even let you stay in the dorms when you visit. It is also worth checking out the dorm reviews from students that have lived at the particular college; these reviews can be found in sites such as College Prowler.

9. Are there plenty of areas where you can sit on campus? These areas are conducive to sitting with your friends, watching people and so on.

10. Seeing as how you will be spending most of your time on campus it stands to reason that you will eat there at some point. Therefore it is important to find out what the dining halls and food options on campus and or close by are. This will be particularly important if you have any nutritional requirements such as gluten – free or vegan.

11. How many majors does the college have other than the one you want to take that you are interested in? It is fact that students change majors all of the time, therefore it is important that you do not overestimate your ability to make a decision but instead be sure to choose a college that will give you plenty of good additional options.

12. What are the professors like? It is easy to get a feel for what the teaching staff is like by browsing the website and also reading the reviews of staff which can be found on the internet, simply by searching for the professor by name. In the same way that teaching staff can make or break a class, they most certainly can break a college and completely ruin your entire experience.

13. What are the students like; do they appear strong, smart and resourceful? As soon as fresher’s week arrives, zombies will flock to your campus! If there are enough strong, intelligent, resourceful students at the college the campus could actually be in with a chance of winning the zombie apocalypse!

14. Are there any animals roaming around campus? Reports have confirmed that there are a number of colleges with onsite animals such as angry swans and geese that have decided the lake in the center of campus is there home. On the other hand viewing wildlife on the way to classes may work for you so be aware and keep your eyes open for any furry critters!

15. As far as you can see, does the college surpass all of your expectations? It is essential that you choose a college that is the best match for you and not settle for second best, and your choice should at least fulfill the essentials on your list.

When you are choosing a college, although it is potentially a great investment in your future, it is a difficult choice for most to make. However providing you keep the important and not quite so important factors in mind your choice should be so much easier to make.