Our college students are no longer those that have to search endlessly for books for that end of semester paper, and no longer do they need to worry about having a head full of information. Today, everything a student needs can be found on their smartphone, more specifically, through the use of apps. Though there are millions of them, here are 3 apps that every college student can’t live without.



Looking for a book? No need to waste your time going to the library, Scribd is the world’s largest online library, available right at your fingertips! Scribd will help college students of any field find that important information or document to get them through the semester. This app saves time, you don’t have to wait for books out on loan, and probably has more selection than your local library. Once you have the app you can organize all of your books and documents into piles of subjects, available to you whenever you need it. And if you are one of those students who learns in groups, you can even share your Scribd with friends.


This app has already been downloaded by millions of people, most of them students, and there is a reason why. Any.do is an app that can organize your life into the palm of your hand, help you get things done faster, procrastinate less, and feel that you have achieved significant tasks by the end of your day. You can even synchronize all of your devices so that you can have access to your list from wherever you are, even your reliable desktop. Just start your day with Moment, a feature that shows you an overview of tasks for the day, and you’re ready to go!


One of the major problems facing college students is staying financially in the clear. The best app on the market to help you manage this issue is Mint.com, a clever money management app that will make you wonder how you coped before. This app helps you gather all of your accounts in one convenient place, whilst enabling you to create budgets, set up payment reminders and even get money saving advice directly to your phone. It has an automatic update, so you can rest assured that every time you log in, that is the amount you have left in your account. Don’t forget to monitor your credit scores too!