College is the period when you have to spend long nights in the library, but it is also a time full of raging parties that builds remarkable memories with friends. The list below includes the 30 most fun places to go to college in the USA, and is based on The Princeton Review’s 2016 college rankings, which include various categories to determine which schools are overall most fun.

Loyola Marymount University, California

Offering students access to some of the best culture in LA as well as beach access, Loyola Marymount University lures students with warm climate, and year-round sun. The university is known for its thriving student community, which includes strong performances in Greek life.

Gonzaga University, Washington

It may be rather rainy in Washington at times, but this doesn’t mean students at Gonzaga University don’t have fun. Popular pastime in winter are snowboarding and skiing at nearby Mount Spokane. The basketball season is a big event too, with students going out of their way to secure tickets for all home games.

Wabash College, Indiana

More than half of the students at Wabash College are involved in one of the Division III athletic teams of the school. As such, this all-male campus radiates team spirit for intramural games and NCAA.

Auburn University, Alabama

“War Eagle” is the Auburn’s battle cry and is heard everywhere when the Iron Bowl is played at home. The Iron Bowl is Auburn’s annual matchup against the University of Alabama, their historic rivals, and the campus is on fire before every game.

University of Florida, Florida

An important part of student life at the University of Florida revolves around tailgates and sports. The bar-laden area of Gainesville is a popular sport for partying off campus, and the school also hosts about 1,000 extracurricular clubs.

Florida State University, Florida

With over 32,000 students, the Florida State University is home to an impressive array of athletics. The Seminoles are the school’s football team that everyone roots for at home games, but students also have lots of bars, clubs, and house parties to enjoy. Florida’s incredible weather and the numerous nearby rivers make this school a recipe for fun.

Rice University, Texas

Students from Rice University gather in spring for the Beer Bikerace, which blends a drinking contest and an intramural bicycle race and is preceded by an entire week of events and parties. Rice University also has an incredible location for concerts and museums and is also home to a fabulous food scene.

Providence College, Rhode Island

A small picturesque college with an incredible athletic atmosphere, the Providence College is home to an incredible array of intramural sports. In fact, the school earned the first place in the Princeton Review’s intramurals sports section.

University of Mississippi, Mississippi

Football season is an incredibly fun time at University of Mississippi, and the school is home to one of the most impressive tailgates in college sports. The most remarkable tailgate takes place every year at The Grove, which is a 10-acre patch of land situated right in the heart of the campus. The square in downtown Oxford, Mississippi, is another attraction in the city, being home to a wide selection of art galleries, bookstores, restaurants, and boutiques.

University of Georgia, Georgia

Football and tailgates are two of the most popular ways to spend a Sunday afternoon at University of Georgia. The vibrant bar scene and fraternity parties provide endless opportunities for having fun year round. Moreover, downtown Athens boasts an incredible music scene as well as numerous lovely shops that students can explore.

Colgate University, New York

Athletics and student clubs are the most popular pastimes for students at Colgate University. Their team, the Raiders, attracts numerous students at their games, and various speaker series are available for students year-round.

Lehigh University, Pennsylvania

Even though it has a rather remote location, Lehigh University students balance the hours spent in the library with swings of parties that take place every weekend. Moreover, “The Rivalry”, an annual football game played against rival Lafayette College has no less than 150 meetings.

University of California at Santa Barbara, California

its beachfront location makes the University of California at Santa Barbara the perfect school for those interested in outdoor activities such as sand volleyball, hiking, and surfing. The nightlife is rich as well, with many students heading to the beaches and house parties on Del Playa Drive in Isla Vista.

Whitman College, Washington

The concept of boredom is unknown to students at the Whitman College, with numerous parties, hiking trips, and pick-up Frisbee games happening year-round. Fun events take place round the year, and include laser tag, Casino nights, and comedy shows.

University of Wisconsin at Madison, Wisconsin

Weekends at the University of Wisconsin at Madison are filled with drinking, with students going over the top on nights such as Halloween. The basketball team and the Badgers football team are consistently ranked among the best in the country. The Memorial Union terrace is an excellent place to relax, and students also go in droves to explore the eclectic arts and food scene in Madison.

Gettysburg College, Pennsylvania

Greek life is a big thing at Gettysburg College, with some of the most common activities on campus being themed parties and frat-hopping. The nightclub “The Attic” is also a popular venue for students on weekends. Students also have the choice to enjoy the historical town of Gettysburg and its many bars and restaurants.

Vanderbilt University, Tennessee

According to The Princeton Review, Vanderbilt University is home to the happiest body of students in America. The large tailgates for football games and dominant Greek scene are extremely popular, as is the Rites of Spring concert that ends the spring semester. The concert is not just about music, as it offers one of the best opportunities to enjoy day drinking.

Southern Methodist University, Texas

The large Greek scene is the basis of social life at the Southern Methodist University, with many fraternities having rented spaces across town to host over 18 parties. The proximity of Dallas offers students excellent concerts, shopping, and dancing opportunities. Even though students reportedly think that Greek life dominates the social calendar a bit too much, there are lots of other ways to have fun here.

Bucknell University, Pennsylvania

Again, Greek life is a very important part at Bucknell University, with half of the student body being affiliated with a fraternity or sorority. Game nights, house parties, movie screenings, and intramural sports that range from squash to sand volleyball provide endless opportunities for fun.

Virginia Tech, Virginia

While the football season is the most important part of the social calendar at Virginia Tech, students have so many more opportunities for fun. These include a plethora of bars and restaurants, as well as movies, hiking trails and bowling.

University of Dayton, Ohio

The endless organizations and clubs at the University of Dayton make it possible for all students to avoid any sign of boredom. Ultimate Frisbee, sand volleyball, and indoor soccer are just some of the things to do on weekends. Brown Street, located right next to the campus, is the perfect choice for going out to eat.

Claremont McKenna College, California

The sunny climate of California and the tight sense of community make Claremont McKenna College an excellent place to have lots of fun at university. School-sponsored parties and big-name speakers are just some of the opportunities available for students.

Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania

A booming bar scene and house parties all year round are the best things to expect from Penn State. On game days, the school is on fire, as everybody on campus cheers for the Nittany Lions. The Bryce Jordan Center is an excellent place for concerts, while the restaurants and bars around the campus make the nightlife truly vibrant.

West Virginia University, West Virginia

Fun is ubiquitous at West Virginia University, with a vibrant student union, a rec center for playing basketball and the Mountaineers football team. The Morgantown High Street is the place to go for an excellent selection of clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Syracuse University, New York

Home to the largest basketball arena and on-campus domed stadium, Syracuse University provides its students with endless opportunities for having fun. Juice Jam is a one-day music festival that takes place each spring and the proximity of multiple bars and restaurants keeps students busy year-round.

Clemson University, South Carolina

The Clemson Memorial Stadium is the place to be on a game night, when a cannon actually booms at the start of a game. The Tiger Rag fight song chanted by the students at Clemson University is a ritual widely referred to as the most electrifying 25 seconds in College football.

Kansas State University, Kansas

The vast majority of students at Kansas State University embrace the sport teams on campus, and cheering on the Wildcats is a popular pastime every Saturday. The numerous shops and restaurants in Manhattan provide excellent fun opportunities. The trendiest area in for college bars, is named after the original mascot of the Kansas State University, Aggieville.

University of Iowa, Iowa

The Hawkeyes are the just one of the exciting things the happen on the University of Iowa campus. Students flock to support the team at every game, while having numerous other sports opportunities to enjoy on campus. These include kayaking, hiking, and rock-climbing trips. The animated party scene of the University of Iowa earned the school the second place on the Princeton Review’s liquor and party lists.

Tulane University, Louisiana

The location of the Tulane University in the heart of New Orleans, offers students endless fun opportunities that culminate with Mardi Gras. With front-row seats to all the parties and parades, students can party on Mardi Gras like no others. Fun abounds during the year as well, as the city offers countless opportunities for cultural and musical exploration.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Approximately one quarter of the students are members of a fraternity or sorority at this Illinois University. With such a huge Greek life, you would expect other fun outlets to be missing, but this is not the case. The numerous bars and restaurants in surrounding towns offer endless opportunities for having a good time, while the booming music scene provides students with multiple opportunities to attend every weekend.