Community colleges are generally two-year public institutions of higher education awarding certificates, diplomas and associate degrees. For many students this is the chance to change their lives, and for others it’s just another reason to party. Here are 48 of the best community colleges the US has to offer.

Best Community Colleges:

Walla Walla Community College (WA)

This multi-campus community college is located in Clarkston, Washington. With a current annual enrolment of over 13,000 new, Walla Walla offers courses in Academic Transfer Education, Professional/Technical Education, Transitional Studies and Extended Learning. It’s won many prestigious awards, helping it make it on to our list.

Santa Barbara City College (CA)

The 104-year-old Santa Barbara City College (SBCC) is located in Santa Barbara, California. It offers more than 50 certificate programs and 80 degrees, with an average class size of 28. With a view like that it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best.

Lake Area Technical Institute (SD)

This technical school is for all aspiring programmers, well if you want to live in South Dakota. Lake Area Tech has 29 study programs and 11 E-degrees. The junior college serves more than 1,700 full-time, part-time and online students. Programs include; Agri-Business, Custom Paint & Fabrication Cosmetology, Robotics, Aviation Maintenance, and Nursing.

East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program & Technical Center (CA)

If you are keen to study in the sun, East San Gabriel Valley is the place for you. This community college ranked #1 in the CNN Money listing of community colleges in 2012. You can study anything from child development to business management.

New Mexico Military Institute (NM)

Anyone interested in the military will be applying here this year. Why? Because it’s the only military boarding school in the United States.

North Central Kansas Technical College (KS)

There are not many reasons you have to go to Kansas, but this technical college is definitely worth it. It’s ranked among the top 10% of US community colleges, so you might want to rethink your choice.

Valencia College (FL)

When your college mascot is a matador, you know you are in the right place. Based in Florida, this college is named after the Valencia oranges that grow in abundance in the state.

Snow College (UT)

Who wouldn’t want to go to a college with this name? Established in 1880’s, this old institution only takes in around 4,000 students a year. You better be quick with this one.

Saint Paul College (MN)

‘Start Here…Go Anywhere’. That’s the motto of this school. Well if that hasn’t motivated you to sign up, we don’t know what will.

Mayland Community College (NC)

This may just be the most beautiful community college you could go to. If you love mountains, this is the place for you.

Northwest Iowa Community College (IA)

Don’t be fooled, this college has more going for it than you think. Situated on a large campus in the rural town of Sheldon, Iowa, you will find yourself getting back to nature.

Southeast Community College Lincoln (NE)

Some people like to get off the beaten track when it comes to their studies. Southeast community college has everything you might expect from a rural college. And it’s still one of the best.

Victor Valley College (CA)

Another college worth applying for is Victor Valley College. The beautiful grounds will inspire you to study all day long. It’s a pretty big campus, 253 – acre to be exact, so your only problem might be getting lost.

Georgia Military College (GA)

Georgia Military College, established in 1879 and located in Milledgeville. Cadets who graduate from the college’s two-year, military science-oriented curriculum receive an officer’s commission in the U.S. Army.

DeAnza College (CA)

DeAnza College, located in Cupertino, California, also home to Apple, Symantec, Sun, Hewlett-Packard, and many other high-technology firms.

Marion Military Institute (AL)

Marion Military Institute (MMI), located in Marion, Alabama and founded in 1842, MMI is the oldest military junior college in the U.S. You can even take flight training as part of your degree. Now that is awesome.

Kingsborough Community College (NY)

Kingsborough Community College offers programs for special populations including the My Turn program which provides free tuition for residents 60 years of age and older. We can see why NYTimes voted it in the top 10 colleges in the US.

Western Wyoming Community College (WY)

Situated in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Western Wyoming Community College (WWCC) is one of seven community colleges in Wyoming. Due to the high elevation and harsh winters in the area, all of the main college is located indoors, connected by hallways.

North Iowa Area Community College (IA)

2018 will be a great year to attend this college as it marks 100 years since it was first opened. You are probably going to get invited to lots of parties. Well isn’t that what college is about?

Northeast Alabama Community College (AL)

In the last three years this college was voted in the top colleges in the USA and even had a celebrity singer get their degree here.

Colorado Mountain College (CO)

Colorado Mountain College (CMC) is a network of eleven community college campuses Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in an area that includes 15 of the 25 ski areas in Colorado, the college takes full advantage of its location to provide related courses of study.

Mitchell Technical Institute (SD)

Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, Mitchell Technical Institute (MTI) is a post-high-school vocational technical school. The institute features 28 on-campus academic programs and 7 online degree-related programs across six study areas.

Itasca Community College (MN)

Established in 1922, this college is one of the finest. It even has a slogan which will inspire you to study here: ‘The best place to start’. Well, if you say so.

Alexandria Technical & Community College (MN)

If you are looking for a intimate and attentive college, you might have just found the right one. With only 20 students per class, you are sure to get that personal attention everyone wants during their studies.

West Kentucky Community & Technical College (KY)

New year. New career. That’s what you’re going to here on this campus.  With innovative programs and affordable education, this college deserves a place on our list.

Rend Lake College (IL)

Rend Lake College has an open admission policy, giving everyone a chance to a better education. Over the years, this college has received millions of dollars of funding, helping it reach the top of many lists.

Ellsworth Community College (IA)

One of the best colleges in the nation is located in Iowa. It’s also one of the oldest, established in the 1890’s. There have been some famous names attending this college, including an NFL linebacker and a football player.

Pearl River Community College (MS)

Situated in Poplarville, Mississippi, Pearl River Community College was the first junior college established in Mississippi in 1921. If you are into agriculture, this is the best place to study in the entire US.

Brazosport College (TX)

This isn’t the place for college parties and sleepovers. This college is commuter based only as there is no housing for students. It doesn’t matter if you are a politician or musician, if you are serious about studying you should consider this option.

Pierce College (WA)

Those of you looking for warm summers and mild winters are in for a treat. With more than 2,000 trees and extensive gardens, you will feel right at home at Pierce College.

Garden City Community College (KS)

Going to Kansas has its perks. Many top athletes attended this college and have gone on to have very successful careers.  And if you’re not into sports, the college has a great Nursing program too.

Independence Community College (KS)

After being established in 1925, this college has developed into one of the best in the country. You can even find here specialist math tutors to help those who need the extra support.

Coconino Community College (AZ)

One of the larger colleges on our list enrols over 10,000 students a year. You don’t have to be from Arizona to attend, so you will probably find your classes having a great mix of people from around the country.

Southeast Kentucky Community & Technical College (KY)

This very flexible college will help you get your academic degrees whilst you continue working. They aspire to make your life easy, whilst gaining the most from their services.

Moorpark College (CA)

This college is best for anyone with a liberal mind. One of their popular courses is Exotic Animal Training, and they even house over 200 animals on the campus grounds.

Clarendon College (TX)

Located in Clarendon, Texas , Clarendon College (CC) is a small community college which is more than 200 years old and is one of 50 community colleges in Texas.

College of the Ouachitas (AR)

College of the Ouachitas, situated in Malvern, Arkansas, is a full two-year college in south-central Arkansas. It’s situated in Hot Springs County so you can enjoy year long spas.

Foothill College (CA)

Foothill College, located in Los Altos Hills, California. The campus has garnered praise and awards for its beautiful Japanese-inspired campus and unique architectural design.

Northeast Iowa Community College (IA)

Northeast Iowa Community College (NICC) serves all or parts of thirteen Iowa counties. Even President Barack Obama came to visit the campus on his Midwest tour. Worthy of application no?

Chippewa Valley Technical College (WI)

Chippewa is a large community college that serves 16 counties in the Wisconsin area. With 3 campuses available, you are likely to find something that suites your needs.

Kaskaskia College (IL)

Situated in Centralia, Illinois, Kaskaskia College is the oldest community college in Illinois. It has one of the largest enrolments yearly of 12,500 students. This buzzing campus is great for those who like the social aspect of studying.

Southwest Texas Junior College (TX)

Southeast Texas Junior College (SWTJC) is a two-year college serving 11 counties in southwest Texas, an area stretching from the Texas Hill Country to the US-Mexican border.

Mott Community College (MI)

After a lot of investment and location changes, this college definitely deserves a place on our list. It’s grounds used to be an old mental institution, and now its serving the education of the young minds of America.

Linn State Technical College (MO)

Linn State Technical College (LSTC), located in Linn, Missouri, is Missouri’s only two-year public college with a focus on technical education. 30-plus programs offer advanced technical training in current and emerging technologies.

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MS)

This college offers a friendly, family environment that really cares about the future of its students. They even created hybrid classes to fit anybody’s circumstance.

Washington County Community College (ME)

This could be one of the most beautiful colleges on our list. Situated on the edge of a forest with over 400 acres to roam through, this is the perfect place for those wanting to get out of the city lifestyle.

Northland Community & Technical College (MN)

This very laid back college has a lot to offer potential students. From its own radio show to numerous courses to take part in, you definitely won’t be bored here.

Coastal Carolina Community College (NC)

When you go to a college like this one, you really feel that it doesn’t matter what your background is, you will also succeed in whatever you want. With an emphasis on supporting people from different backgrounds, you will see you can fit right in.