Although the entire world appears to have been hit by the economic crisis it is hard to believe that there is actually any money left anywhere. Believe me though there are at least 20 countries that are certainly not feeling the pinch, take a look at the following if you don’t believe it.


Luxembourg is one of the cities that was involved in the formation of NATO, the European Union and the United Nations and currently boasts a GDP of $93,174 per person. Luxembourg does not appear to even be affected by unemployment or inflation as they remain at an all time low.

Brunei Darussalam

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have never heard of this little country, but it is situated on the North Coast of Borneo and has a GDP of $72,370 per person and can boast that it is a completely debt free country.


Qatar consistently stays amongst the richest countries and this proves that size most definitely does not matter! With profits and funds that just keep improving year on year and a GDP that is based on purchasing power an enormous $143,532 it doesn’t look like any other country will top them any time soon.


Yet another smaller country celebrating a growth of 34.4% in the past 8 years there is no getting away from the fact that Singapore’s economy is certainly moving quickly. The GDP stands at $85,198 which is really impressive from a country that appears to be cut off from the rest of the world.


The majority of Kuwait’s bustling economy comes unsurprisingly from their oil reserves. Having remained stable even through the invasion by Iraq, the GDP in Kuwait is slowly beginning to grow again and currently stands at $70,914 per person.


Considering a vast majority of the rich appear to stash their money in Switzerland it is hardly surprising that it falls within the top 20 richest countries. Thanks to the low taxes and active manufacturing industry Switzerland is still amassing wealth year on year.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is well known for its business acumen and advancing technologies and these are just two of the reasons why Hong Kong has seen the economy grow rapidly with a rise of over 26% in the past 10 years. Hong Kong is also a financial center and world trade hub so it may not be long before they hit the top spot in terms of wealth.


Norway appears to have managed to avoid the economic crisis that has hit the rest of the world; in fact it has a growing GDP that currently stands up 8% to $67,445 per person. With one of the highest standards of living worldwide, Norway also has gas and oil reserves to help boost its profits.

San Marino

Situated in Italy with a population of just 32,000 San Marino has made the rich list thanks to their booming tourism and sale of their highly collectible stamps! With a GDP of $61,836 this is impressive particularly as it has fallen over 28% in the past 8 years.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates rely heavily on their oil reserves but it does also have a business hub that has been growing year on year. The GDP has increased by just over 10% in the past year to stand at +$65,000 per person.


Brazil has made impressive economic growth over the past few years and this has to be due to them supplying a third of the coffee exports worldwide. Brazil also exports large amounts of exotic fruits and also grows many cereals. With a highly developed industry an important indicator of a country is the electricity and here Brazil is one of the leaders as 90% of their energy is produced by hydroelectric power plants.


Liechtenstein is a small country that is situated between Austria and Switzerland in the Alps. The country owes large part of its wealth to the production of expensive stamps and tourism plus the pure nature allowing them to continue with the rural developments.


Austria is yet another alpine country to figure in the rich list. With a different economy from the other alpine areas and this is due to it being versatile and not relying on specialized production of goods.


The wealth in Australia is distributed amongst very few people and as a country it owes its wealth to mining and food production. Japan imports a lot of its food and minerals from Australia allowing the population to enjoy a high standard of living.

New Zealand

New Zealand is blessed with a mild climate that is perfect for growing fruits and vegetables and with the high standard of food production coupled with the growing tourism it is easy to see why this country made the list.


Japan is the second most developed economy in the world and the country’s vast wealth is all thanks to the production of high tech products and industrial products which are really sought after worldwide.


Canada boasts endless natural riches and the high standard of living enjoyed by residents is from the highly developed agriculture and the huge breakthrough in the production of new technological products. Tourism is a serious stream of revenue for Canada thanks to the many outstanding areas of natural beauty.


The most powerful of the Nordic countries those who live in Sweden enjoy an exceptionally high standard of living. Sweden as developed a multilaterally economy, however the major source of income is still down to the steel production.


Everyone knows that Monaco is one of the richest places in the Mediterranean on the south coast of France. The majority of Monaco’s income comes from the gambling and tourism.


Germany is currently one of the strongest of the European economies and has a well developed economy that is so due to its power and wealth in industry. The residents in Germany have a rich cultural and social life.

Shirley Pattison