College is a really important time in the lives of many young adults as it is really the first time that the majority of them will have to choose the path that they want to follow from a vast number of options. It is their choice at this time that will determine the path that their life will take and even carves out their career path up until they retire.


In America, there are many students that will be hoping to move into the world of corporate America when they graduate and this is one of the main reasons they choose to study for degrees that fall within Business Administration. This is not a bad choice, however, a degree in Business Administration is a very generalized degree which will certainly see that they hone their writing skills and gain skills such as accounting, marketing and sales.

This is not a bad choice however there has been a surge seen in many colleges of students enrolling for courses in Business Administration. Obviously it stands to reason that the more students enrolling will result in fuller classes, more graduates and the degree no longer has the appeal and exclusivity that it used to have.

Another downside to studying business is that the generalization of the course work makes it really difficult for this degree to be considered as an academically challenging program. Whilst there are exceptions, many business degrees are considered rather second rate by the corporate world. It is not all bad news though and there is no need to despair and give up on your aim for a career in Corporate America or Wall Street.

There are generally two types of people that decided to study a business degree, there are those that feel the degree will help them to develop better leadership qualities and prepare them for a life of entrepreneurship, or those who intend of studying beyond just the Business degree so that they have more to offer to a potential employer. Thinking that you will be an entrepreneur just because you have studied a business degree is just setting yourself up for a big fall. There are classes within the business degree that aim to teach the student to develop their leadership abilities, the downside is that these are skills that can only really be learnt by taking the reins and picking yourself up if you fall. There are no classes in the world that can teach you certain areas of business you either have it or you don’t.

It is not all doom and gloom though as business degrees to have immediate real world relevance that can be applied directly in the workforce. Being able to put into practice what you have learnt is not the only advantage of your business degree. Statistics show that business students find employment and advancement where alternative graduates don’t. As a business student you will have learnt the fundamentals of the entire world of business. Many colleges now require their business students to perform internships meaning that they will have on hand experience to bring to their future employers.

Those who major in business also learn very early on in their degree how to use and make connections in the industry to their advantage. As well as the class work which teaches them strategy and entrepreneurship business degree courses also focus and provide copious support for resume building, job searching and some invaluable interview techniques. The majority of colleges nowadays sponsor internship and careers fairs for their body of students. Many of the business colleges will bring employers to campus to actual recruit from their student pool whilst others will assist students to search for employment opportunities through a job board and on campus recruitment events. They may even have an onsite employer relations team that can connect business students to potential employers.

In conclusion, do not be put off from studying your business degree, whilst there are some negatives to choosing this path, the positives do outweigh these and there will be negative aspects in any degree that you will have to work around and or overcome. Whether or not you are looking to start up on your own or work for a corporate, having a business degree is the first step in the right direction and on your way towards a lucrative and evolving career.