Whilst going to college can be one of the most exciting times of any students life there is no denying that it can also be possibly one of the most expensive. This is not just for the actual tuition fees we are referring to board and lodgings and all of the other associated costs too. Therefore if you find that you are lacking in funds the following 25 colleges are ones for you to avoid.

Eugene Lang College (New School)

Located in New York, Eugene Lang College, the New School for Liberal Arts is one of the most expensive with tuition, board and lodgings coming to about $60,850 per year. This college does however offer a unique approach to learning which means that the students do not have to take a number of subjects before picking what you want to major in.


The college offers many major options which include the arts, economics and theater and students are encouraged to explore options prior to making their final choice.

Shirley Pattison